Dental phobia is something that has plagued me my entire life. I have lived in fear of a tooth hurting because that would mean I would have to go to the dentist. The thought of the needles for the freezing would get me weeping. Actually trying to get through one took everything I had. Once my teeth were frozen the fear and the fear of pain was nowhere near over.

If the dentist was working on my top teeth generally it was all right as those teeth froze. I could kind of go away and put up with whatever it was the dentist had to do. Luckily for me, most of the work I have had done has been on the top. I have had root canals and extractions on the top and it has all been ok. Not a walk in the park mind you, but tolerable.

When I initially had a lot of dental work done about 25 years ago, I needed a lot of work on my bottom front teeth. They put in white filling material but they used the wrong colour. Plus, they have never felt very solid and have always been sensitive. Even when they did finally manage to freeze them, they had to go down and intercept the nerve. This was preferable to them drilling them when they were not frozen. And therein lies the source of my dental phobia. As a child, I would always tell the dentist that my tooth wasn’t frozen and he would not stop nor believe me. I even had teeth pulled for space and the teeth were not frozen. I was completely and utterly traumatized

Enter oral sedation for dentistry. I had come a long way in dealing with my phobia. However, the thought of sitting through 2 root canals and several fillings filled me with horror, especially because the bulk of the work was on the bottom teeth. The sedation meant that I could have the work done and not have all the anxiety and trauma associated with dental work.

If you or someone you know who has a dental phobia please tell them about oral sedation. If you can’t find a dentist to do it, just post to the comments and I will help you out!


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