Things are going ok as long as I do not engage with my sister who apparently knows everything. She just killed the brand new Cuisinart knives by cutting on glass. I told her glass kills knives. I had to leave the room as I could not stand the sound of a knife being murdered. Right now she is continually trying to get me going but I am ducking and breathing in and out. The smoke is an issue too.

It is so hard for me here. No one really wants to hear what I say. They don’t believe things I say. I just checked the turkey and it is done according to my meat thermometer. Then they all argue with me. I am not used to being treated like this and it upsets me. Maybe I need more clonazepam and Baileys.

That’s it for today. It is really hard to get any privacy and I have visions of my sister ripping my iPad out of my hands to read what I wrote.

Oops. Just about got caught by the brother in law.


One thought on “Dispatches from he’ll

  1. I am sorry things are not going well for you Chris. I really was hoping that your trip would not be too bad. Tomorrow you get to come home.

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