Once we returned from Calgary, we had our celebration here. We exchanged gifts and it was much more fun. I discovered that the best gifts are the ones you didn’t know you wanted! Deb did really well in that department this year!

  • New pillows – when Deb gave them to me before we went I was a little worried. I am extremely difficult when it comes to my pillows. The last time I replaced them it was a nightmare. I was a little concerned but I decided to be open-minded about it. These pillows are gorgeous. They are feather-filled, king-sized high-end pillows. I used them that night and they were great. I have used them continuously since we came home and they are fabulous!
  • Deb also got me a T-Fal Nestlé Dolce-Gusto machine that makes espresso, cappuccino and other drinks. I had always resisted these machines because to use them you have to buy the little pods to make the drinks. Deb was going to take it back. However, after I thought about it I decided to keep it. I don’t drink a lot of coffee so we would not need to buy many pods. It is nice to have a cappuccino once a while. It will be nice for entertaining.

I also got 2 more white gold bangles for my left arm. I will have to get Deb to take a picture. I have 7 now and I think that is all I want. I think 9 would be unwieldy.

We are going to have a friend over for turkey on Sunday which will be the end of our holiday!


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