I am shamelessly stealing this idea from Dr. Beth at NTBTWK. I am also going to steal her modification! I am shameless! To sum up the year, I am going to post the first 2 lines of the first blog for each of the 12 months of 2010. Here we go!


Here is my 2009 review post. I took this meme from Facebook. Seeing as all my blogs end up being posted in facebook, I thought I would do it here.


NaBloPoMo suggests a blogging theme for each month. In December it was ‘mitzvah’ which means giving. I chose to deviate from the theme as I did not want to post everyday about doing something nice as I thought it would be artificial.


Today I was a rebel. Today I did something I have never done before. Today I removed a tag that said “Do not remove this tag.”


I am always pleasantly surprised at how intuitive dogs are. I am pretty sure that our dogs are not an anomaly in their behaviour.


I am too tired to blog today. It has been a crash and burn kind of day.


Visits with my mother have never been an easy thing. Certainly they have never been considered a good time. I thought it was bad before.


So now there are sexual misconduct allegations against Al Gore. Of all of the male politicians in the US, Al Gore always seemed the most pure.


Busy day. A bit of plants vs zombies and a dinner guest.


Woo hoo! I am 2 days away from my 2 weeks off. I love to take time off in September.


One of my guilty pleasures is ‘The Apprentice.’ This week the teams were tasked with running a doggy day care.


Today I went to the dentist. This was an event as I am dental phobic and the dentist we have had for the last 10 or so years has retired.


So, we now have 4 candidates in the race to replace Gordon Campbell. First up is Moira Stillwell.

I am going to add a few things that have made this year memorable:

  • I was not hospitalized at all in 2010. Ok, yes there are a few hours to go but barring any major catastrophe, I should make it. It was also a year that saw my colitis get quite out of control. I am still trying to overcome a flare.
  • I have gone for blood tests every week since June. That is a lot of blood tests! Most weeks it is a CBC (Complete Blood Count) to monitor my counts. For most of this time, I have been able to access my results online. It has worked very well as I am able to get important information quickly.
  • I have had to come to terms with the fact that I am depressed and I have an anxiety disorder. I do far better on Pristiq than off. In getting that link I just read that Pristiq is being marketed as a non-hormone replacement treatment for menopause. While I am not there yet, I guess I can look at that little pill as me being proactive.
  • We marked the passing of Gemma, Kirby and Madison this year. They are all missed and we wish they were still with us.
  • I passed the 2-year mark at my current employment.
  • I loved how we all became believers during the 2010 Winter Olympics. This was one of my favourite posts of 2010.

Bring on 2011. I will be ducking for sure!

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