I thought I would continue with some more anticipated themes for 2011. Most of these things are already underway and I anticipate that they will strengthen as the year progresses. So here goes!

  • Recycling – we are horrible recyclers in this house. It is starting to change but we have a long way to go. We also have way too much stuff in our house. At times, it threatens to overrun us. I see a few purges happening in 2010 and many donations to VAST. I also think I will stop and think before I buy something. I am pretty much an impulse shopper and that needs to stop. I consume far too much stuff. We will also continue with the Swamp Zero Food Waste Policy as much as possible.
  • Music – listening to music is one the things that gives me great joy. It is the foundation of self-care for me. I already listen to music during my commute, at least 1.5 hours round trip. I am also trying to listen more at home. I have a rocking iPod dock so there are no excuses. Plus, it is easy – I have 2 iPods, one for the car and one for home. Along with listening to more music, I want to continue to find new artists and rediscover older ones.
  • Tech – I am really looking forward to the tech releases that will happen in 2011. First up is the Mac App store next week. The release of Lion for the Mac in the summer is also high on my list. I am sure it will be another great year for devices and software!

That’s it for now. I am sure more themes will emerge. Now, I just have to brace for January. I hate January. It’s the month that never ends. We are well into winter and spring is too far away for comfort.

4 thoughts on “More New Year Reflections

  1. Ah recycling, a hobby of mine!
    It gets addictive once you get started and once you start you realize just how much unnecessary packaging is used.

    1. I know! I am so noticing how much extra packaging there is out there! Deb commented that I am becoming militant. I laughed!

  2. Ha ha – you wait, I have been called a few choice things “Recycling Police” is the nicest one so far 🙂
    Rob is a good recycler, he does a lot of it at work, so he is on board.

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