There is no way to put this nicely – we have weird dogs. The origin of their weirdness is probably something that we have either encouraged or allowed. Another factor is that all dogs have very different personalities, which can change over time as they age.

"I am so damn cute!"

Sawyer is downright weird when it comes to eating. He won’t eat on his own. For a while we were hand-feeding him, which was just stupid, as he really wouldn’t eat then. He seems to well when he thinks other dogs are trying to get his food. He is currently in Sienna’s x-pen eating. He seems to be happy to have someone watch him.

As a puppy, Sawyer was so well behaved. Then, one day, he woke up and it all changed. He chews anything he can find. Most people can put flowers on the dining room table, not at the Swamp because Sawyer will eat them. He has chewed 3 out of 4 corners of the table. I have lost count of how many pairs of sunglasses he has chewed. I am pretty sure we are into double digits now. Basically, if you don’t want him to chew it, it has to be up high.

See, I even look weird!

On to another weird dog: Molly. Molly basically spins everywhere she goes. She spins out of the house, and down the stairs and then spins back in. You kind of have to see it to believe it. She does not walk like a normal dog. She also has these little routine she does for attention. She stretches her back legs out, one at a time. She does a downward dog pose. Sometimes she lays on her belly with her legs splayed out and she barks. She is an odd little dog.

Piper also has a dog butt fetish

I have already discussed Piper’s dislike of the morning – even when the morning is actually in the afternoon. She must be wooed out of bed gently, preferable with long belly rubs. She also goes wild when there are dogs and other animals on the TV. Our Apple TV   is photographs of all the dogs. She recognizes them as dogs and starts barking and looking for them. She looks behind the TV and she goes outside to check too. She watches TV and is actually able to discern the animals on the screen.

"Don't I look goofy!"

Check back in a bit for the other 3 members of the Swamp’s Canine Family!


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