We had new flooring about a year after we moved in. It has been a headache right from the beginning. It is more than 3 years and I am still trying to get resolution. Here is my final letter to him.

Dear Flooring Guy:

We purchased flooring from you in November of 2007. The installation was never done properly. You have fixed one of the two originating issues when you finally had real wood transitions installed in our living room. However, the laundry room floor is still not fixed. The installers who put the marmoleum in did not do it properly. Instead of doing it in one big piece they cut it. We now have seams that have come apart in our high traffic laundry room. In fact, what has made the situation even worse, is that two of the seams are right in front of the glass sliding door! When we discussed this prior to installation we told you that we had several dogs and they go in and out of the house through this entry.

I have been trying to get you to fix this for years now. I am have called you at least 25 times and you rarely called me back even when you said you would. I have written you several letters and I still have a messed up laundry room floor.  After your wife died, you promised me that you were going to fix my issues once and for all. You did, in fact, fix the living room transitions. However, when I called to try to book a time to have the laundry room floor fixed you basically hung up on me.

There is really no way to fix this problem. The laundry room requires new marmoleum, installed properly with no seams. You will need to provide new marmoleum and qualified installers to install it. We never did get what we asked for which was strong, durable flooring for a very busy and wet area of our household. The fault lies with you, as the material was never installed properly.

I have been patient, very, very patient. However, I am now done waiting. If you do not call me within 5 days with a plan as to how you are going to correct this problem finally then you will give me no alternative but to go to the Better Business Bureau with my complaint. If I do not get resolution with the BBB, I will bring in another company and file a claim, through Small Claims Court, to recoup the funds I spend to fix our laundry room floor. Please govern yourself accordingly.




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