Some days getting out of bed is just not worth the trouble. Today was one of those days. I was sitting at my desk getting ready to drink Ensure for breakfast. Apparently, I had loosened the cap and then gone off to do something else. I sat down, and grabbed the bottle to shake it. The lid was mostly off and I wore almost an entire bottle of strawberry Ensure. It was on my keyboard, my desk, the floor, my shirt[1] and apparently some went into my hair. Except I didn’t notice it was there!

Several hours later, I touched the top of my head and realized that the front of my hair was standing up really well and was quite stiff. My normal hair care product[2] does not do this so I was curious. As I was literally peeling the stuff out of my hair, I finally realized what I was pulling out. Strawberry Ensure. I hope no one else noticed!

[1] Most of it landed on my chest. One of the advantages of larger breasts!

[2] Some unpronounceable berry name from the Body Shop.


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