• I was out and about doing some errands today. It was snowing lightly and quite cold. I noticed not one but two women wearing flip-flops in January! What the hell are they thinking? I also saw one woman in capris and others not wearing any kind of coat. Seriously, people, it is January in Canada. Even though winters here are mild it seems as soon as people see the sun they think it is summer.
  • I parked on a hill today. I was facing upwards so I turned my wheels out in case my e-brake failed. I was looking at all of the other cars parked on the same street and they had all of their wheels going the opposite way. Did was not all learn how to turn our wheels on a hill so the car would just roll back and hit the curb. Apparently the only lesson many drivers learned was how to park on a downward facing hill.
  • In the last couple of weeks I seem to be having less fatigue. I think the reason is that I have less active colitis going on. Even this weekend, I did not sleep past noon, which is a miracle. It certainly is giving me a few more hours in the day. Even though the fatigue is less, the pain level has been higher. I have not been fighting constipation any more and with more movement, there is more pain. I am also finding that my joints are hurting more lately too. Life with ulcerative colitis is so much fun!



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