• First up, this member of the Swamp would like to thank the media for scaring most everyone off the roads today. I left home at 10:20 am and there was literally no traffic. I got to the on-ramp to the #1 westbound and there was no line-up whatsoever. It was clear sailing all the way to the doctor’s office. Even going home was great! Bring on the snow.
  • Clearly, I have been living under a rock. I did not know about Sarah Palin’s[1] website that had the Democrat congress people with cross hairs over their names. My mother told me about it yesterday. I then heard about it today on CBC. What the fuck is this woman thinking? Then her speech today was completely over the top and only incites more hatred. When are the Americans who support going to wake up and smell the hatred?
  • Deb took Sawyer, the youngest of the Swamp-rats to get licensed today. We weren’t sure where his neuter certificate was so she plopped up on the counter and said, “Look, he is neutered.” They still called the vet’s office.
  • We got a fair bit of snow last night but it did not really impact things here. The dogs love the snow. They love to go and frolic through the snow. Kiefer looked so cute when he came in all covered in snow.

[1] I am not linking to her site. I would not want to be guilty of driving traffic to her website.


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