Blogging daily requires a great deal of thought and engagement with the world. You have to always be thinking about what you might want to blog about plus figuring out what your position is on any given topic. When life takes over it is easy to forget to do this! I have been stupid busy so I have not been really paying much attention to politics and other things today. Then, miraculously, after 5 minutes of listening to Dan (master of upspeak[1]) Matheson on CTV news, I suddenly had 2 topics, which I exploit use as blog topics.

The first one is about the Arizona shootings. The funeral was held today for 9-year old Christina-Taylor Greene was held today. I am sure everyone knows she was born on September 11, 2001 or ‘nine-eleven.’ For some reason, someone decided it was important to bring the ‘nine-eleven’ flag to her funeral service today. Why? I don’t get the connection. I am sure other people were born on that day – is that flag going to be flown every time one of them passes away? I get that she died in a violent manner but really it had nothing to do with that infamous day. Had it been some sort of terrorist act, and then maybe there is a connection – tenuous at best. Instead she was a victim of a deranged individual who was able to purchase a Glock 19 allowing him up to 30 rounds in one clip! Why would someone ever need such a weapon?[2]

In my opinion, the flag was flown simply to ramp up the political rhetoric already flying. Instead of looking at the root causes of this incident they play to the emotional discourse surrounding nine-eleven. Clearly right-wing political rhetoric from Sarah Palin and her ilk they only succeeded in ramping up an already volatile situation. I think it is seriously time to for Americans to reconsider their right to bear arms.

The other thing that got my blood boiling was a story about a BC woman, in her 80s, who was inappropriately searched at the Calgary International Airport. She was a cancer survivor and had a saline-filled breast prosthetic. This was picked up by one of the new body scanners after a pin in her leg set off a medical detector. She was asked if she was carrying any liquids to which she answered no. According to her, the airport security officer accused her of lying. They then subjected her to an ‘enhanced’ pat down that further humiliated her. What I really don’t understand about all of this is the lack of common sense. Seriously, what threat does an old woman with a great prosthetic pose? If we really want to improve airport security common sense is a great place to start.

It is not the specifics of this case that I want to address, it is her demand for an apology. I have never really understood why someone wants an apology when it is not freely offered. If an apology has to be solicited what does it really mean. Is the person really sorry or are they only saying that to please someone else or to reduce the consequences they may face for their actions. Unless an apology is freely and sincerely given I do not want any part of it as it is completely meaningless. I am far more interested in action. I would much rather see that a person or in this case a governmental institution understands that they were in the wrong and pledges to change. Sadly I don’t see this happening any time soon.

[1] Personally, upspeak makes me mental!!!

[2] Interestingly, I heard an interview on As it Happens with the owner of a gun store in Tuscon. There had been a 2-300% increase of interest in Glocks since the shooting. Apparently, all one needs to buy such a gun in Arizona is a 4-minute background check of federal databases. Unless someone has been convicted of a felony. However, had they run a Google search they might have found some of his disturbing writings.

One thought on “What to blog about…

  1. I didn’t get the connection either. My birthday is on ‘nine-eleven’ and I always get the the same “ohhh!”/shocked reaction from anybody I mention it to. I’m sure that despite being born on that day she would have grown up to become a happy well adjusted individual and it saddens me that they feel the need to precede any mention of her with the fact that she was born on that day.

    I’d also like to add that that day was not the end of the world. 12/7/1941 (The attack on Pearl Harbor) was not the end of the world, 12/21/2012 will be–I’m kidding. If I were the partying type I would. That day needs to be celebrated and Christina-Taylor should not be remembered as the ‘the little girl who was born on 9/11’.

    Good job for finding something to write about in spite of being ‘stupid busy’ 🙂

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