• Things have been a little out of control at the Swamp lately. The terriers have been at again and we have stuffie entrails everywhere. They are absolutely hilarious when they each grab an end of a toy and they pull. Watching the two of them tug on either end of a toy is hysterical. They have about 40 pounds of weight difference but what Sawyer lacks in weight he makes up for in intensity.
  • Speaking of our boy, he seems to reach a certain age. You know when a young boy’s thoughts turn from playing with stuffies and roughhousing with his siblings to thoughts of well, sex. For a while he has had a ‘humpy bunny’, which he would become ‘intimate’ with every night. Now though he seems to have decided that Sienna should be his ‘humpy bunny.’ Sienna, of course, is not really amused by this situation. However, she has a hard time dealing with him because he is on her back humping away and she can’t reach him.
  • It is time to make a vet run with Bella to have her thyroid levels checked, Clio to have her Lasix dose increased and Molly to check out what can be done about her worsening collapsing trachea issue. I am hopeful that there is some kind of a fix to improve her quality of life. She eats well and her personality completely is completely intact. She still does not want to share the same air as Sawyer and she demonstrates this by barking, growling and shark attacking any dogs who even look at her food.
  • My previous point brings me back to Sawyer again. He does not like his own food for some reason. He actually seems to prefer slightly used food. He loves to take Molly’s chicken bones because she can’t eat them. He eats voraciously when he finds them. This of course does nothing for their relationship! We have decided that we are no longer going to hold him into this or by hand feeding him etc. No dog voluntarily starves to death so he will eat when he is hungry.

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