I have wanted to get a new bra for sometime. One that actually, you know provides support. Real support. As I age, I find that as I grow older certain parts are drooping. I bought an Enell bra. The thing is like a piece of armour. By the time I got into it, I was pretty sure that my breasts were safely encased in something close to resembling steel.

I am all for support, but this thing felt like nothing I have ever had on before. I went back to the website and checked the measurements. I had the right size and, in fact, I was at the small end for this bra. So, I guess I have to decide if I can manage to wear this bra. Maybe I just need to get used to it. Oh, I bought the ‘lite’ version. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in the full version.

2 thoughts on “My new bra…

  1. I got new, expensive, very supportive bras in the summer, as you may have read on my blog. I had never had anything like them before ever in my life, and they DO take so getting used to. If you’re used to cheaper, less supportive bras, the good and supportive ones are a different ball of wax altogether. Mine are also sexy, so that took a while to get used to, too. ANYWAY, just give it some time. I know that they make me look totally different. I have different torso altogether when I wear them and it looks great!

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