• Plastic containers – it seems like I am always buying reusable plastic containers. It doesn’t seem to matter how many I buy or what kind we never seem to have any. The other thing that happens is that we seem to end up with a drawer full of lids and no containers. No one says they have the containers at work, so I am at a complete loss. I wonder if there is a hollow behind the drawer where the containers go. Who knows!
  • Colitis day – well today has been a full-blown colitis day. I had the fatigue in that I slept until 12:45 pm. I have had a lot of pain today, much more than I have for a while. I have had some pretty sore joints too. My right wrist, thumb and index finger for some reason. Plus I have had a lot of rashes this week. Some days I am not sure which is worse – the colon symptoms or everything else I have developed as a result of ulcerative colitis. These things range from the mild (rashes) to the more debilitating generalized anxiety disorder and depression.
  • QRANK – we at the Swamp have been dedicated to playing QRANK for quite some time. It would be great to have more people to play against. QRANK is a daily social trivia game. You answer 15 out of 20 questions and you hope that you don’t humiliate yourself. I really enjoy it. If you keep up with the news you stand a good chance of doing quite well. You can play in facebook or via a free iPad or iPhone app.
  • Do not call list – what the hell is up with the do not call list. Are telemarketers just ignoring it? We get more solicitation calls now that we are on the list than we did before the list existed. Plus, with two provincial leadership contests running, I am sure the calls are only going to increase.
  • TV Shows – we are trying to find some new shows to watch that Deb might like. She is a big fan of Law & Order: SVU, Law and Order: UK, and Criminal Minds. She also really liked Dexter and Nurse Jackie. What do you all like to watch? I would love to hear what all of you like to watch and why. Have at it in the comments!

One thought on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘things I forgot yesterday’ edition

  1. Treme…wow!

    Boardwalk…another wow!

    Luther…excellent English drama

    Raising Hope…wear a diaper while watching because you may pee your pants laughing!

    Breaking Bad…love it!

    Just a few off the top of my head. They are all pending for another season but lots of torrents out there for them!

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