I know, another driving rant. What can I say? I spend a minimum of 1.5 hours per day on the road and drivers here are some of the worst I have ever seen. My driving day started off behind a little old man who was going 40 km an hour in Maple Ridge. Very. Freaking. Frustrating. I was running late trying to get to a dental appointment. Finally, I passed him. Old men in hats are almost always a problem.

After I left the dentist office I got stuck behind another convey. As I was passing htat car, I looked at the driver and lo and behold he was talking on his cell phone. I will admit that I speed but seriously I would never talk on my handheld phone (I have a Bluetooth!). Once I got to the highway, I was treated to the usual no signal lane changes, being cut off and/or being stuck behind some yahoo.

Just as I was almost at First Ave, some idiot didn’t merge properly. Like dominos, the little lemmings who were behind him wouldn’t/couldn’t merge around him. Then the minivan in front of me decided to stop, on the highway, to let the three of them merge. So now we had a comedy of errors involving four people who don’t know what to do for a merge and the possibility of collisions happening. Thankfully I am mostly not a distracted driver and I leave more than adequate following distance.

As I was driving away from the merge morons, I flashed back to the merge instruction signs they use to move around in Calgary. First of all the signs would point out the merge lane, then tell the merging traffic to speed up or slow down to use a gap in the traffic. Then there were instructions for the traffic on the highway to move over or make a gap. I loved those signs! I wish we had them here.

On another note, I noticed the complete lack of reporting about SNOWmaggedon today on the news. Does anyone know if it happened? I am guessing the mayhem was nowhere near what was predicted. Or maybe someone just realized that SNOW in February in Canada is not news!


4 thoughts on “At least learn to merge…

  1. Every now and then we toy with the idea to sell our condo and buy a house in Maple Ridge but the commute. Oh the commute. No thank you. I’d go absolutely insane. That’s 1.5 hours a day that you never get back let alone the frustrations of the crazy people out on the road.

    A house would be nice but for us the trade off just isn’t worth it.

    1. Ya, the commute sucks. I use it to listen to music, loud music. It helps me decompress and contributes to my self-care. I am lucky that I commute at different times so it is not as bad as it could be. I used to spend 1.5 hours EACH way!

      As for the house – it is great. It is so quiet where we are. We have 1/2 an acre, that we fenced, so we can just let the dogs out. There is no way we could have rescued the dogs we did if we still lived in Vancouver.

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