I have been participating in WordPress’s Postaday2011 campaign. So far, I have posted every day of 2011. One of the things they are doing is posting daily topics to help provide inspiration to bloggers. Most of the topics have been pretty lame, so I have mostly ignored them. Plus for the entire month of January, WordPress advised people who it ‘would be stupid’ to discuss the topic in the comments section and telling people to ‘grab the topic’ for their own blog. Given that I had nothing exciting to write about today and I could relate to the topic, I decided to ‘grab this topic’ and write about it on my blog!

First of all, I cannot imagine my life without the Internet. I have been online, in some form or another, since 1991. I remember the first modem I bought, it cost $350 for a 14.4-baud modem. Those first connections were nothing like what we know as the Internet today. Connections were slow and email was a program called ‘Pine’ on a UNIX shell. Google did not exist. Instead we had Archie as a search engine that connected to the University of Rome. You could type in a search term, hit enter, go for a walk, and cook dinner before any results would be returned. Usenet was an extremely popular outlet for discussing current topics. ‘Can-Politics’ was one of my most favourite!

I still remember when Netscape was launched – one of the first graphical interface browsers. Prior to that we had a text-based worldwide web. As the years went by both the quality and amount of information on the Internet improved dramatically. As the speeds went up, accessing information became quicker and easier.

So back to the original question – could I live without the Internet? I suppose if it were not accessible to me I would have to. However, given a choice, I am almost always connected to the Internet. From the time I get up and first check my email with my iPad to the rest of my day, which requires constant connection. For many of us, the Internet has become the structure upon which our lives are run much like electricity runs our homes.


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