• I have to say I am overwhelmed by the support for my protected post. Thank you so much for your emails, it is scary to see that others are also or have been in the same situation. The important thing is to make sure that your voice is not silenced. We must not be silenced. I also have to say that of the many difficult things I have been through like coming out, and I have never dealt with anything this difficult. If you want to read it still email me.
  • Today I was sitting and relaxing. Sawyer was sitting with me and I could not get enough of petting his ears. His ears are big and they stand up. They are so soft and he seems to love having them stroked in a soft and gently way. Sawyer is an incredibly active puppy but when he wants to snuggle he is amazing!
  • Speaking of the dogs – they have been so instrumental in helping me to cope. They are so affectionate and they seem to know when you need them. Piper is especially intuitive like I have said many times before. Right now, she won’t even let me go to the bathroom by myself.
  • We have been watching a great series: In Plain Sight. It is about 2 US Marshals who work in the Witness Protection Program. The pilot was so bad we didn’t get through it. However we persevered and by the 3rd episode we were hooked! The show’s character development is fabulous and characters who appear to one-dimensional are soon seen as quite complicated and flawed human beings. I highly recommend it!
  • Oh. My hemoglobin is back down below normal. It has dropped 10 points in 2 weeks. Makes me think I am bleeding somewhere. Even though I may be feeling better, my ulcerative colitis is still there. I have been taking iron everyday and my hemoglobin still does not go up. It is very frustrating. Low hemoglobin makes basic things like walking extremely difficult as my legs burn. If I try to do something with my arms the same thing. It really impacts life in a negative way.

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