The BC Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) has done an investigation into how the RCMP treats people in northern BC. Apparently, there have been many issues and tensions growing between the RCMP and the population. Of course, anyone who pays attention to politics in BC could have predicted what they would find when they did a consultation. Reports of First Nations people and the homeless being subjected to illegal arrest, racial profiling and illegal search and seizure were some of the major concerns. The BCCLA published the complaints anonymously understandably to protect peoples’ privacy.

The RCMP was not invited to the party for whatever reason. I am sure we can speculate. Perhaps it was felt that if they were there they might have retaliated. If people were not guaranteed anonymity maybe they may not have come forward. Now, the RCMP say they are not going to investigate these abuses of power.

Clearly the RCMP has no intention of taking action on members who behave badly. You would think given all of the issues with the RCMP of late they would be more than willing to work with the BCCLA to make some positive change. Obviously the RCMP is very comfortable policing small town BC.

Maybe it is time to get rid of the RCMP as an answer to local policing for small communities. Obviously, small towns like Terrace are not going to be able to create their own forces. However, with some provincial leadership, there is no reason why a provincial police force cannot be created. This will take leadership, serious leadership. Perhaps the next step for the BCCLA is to talk to the various leadership candidates in both the BC Liberal Party and the BC NDP to see any leadership can be found. The citizens of BC deserve more fair policing.


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