Some days are slow and other days are not! Today was a hot news day. So here we go!

  • First up – a BC father and daughter are jailed for a 2 million dollar GST scam. Apparently, the daughter could barely stand as the sentence was read. She received 5 years in jail and her father got a year less due to ill health. I am not sure what good one less year is going to do him. He is 74 and likely won’t survive 4 years in jail. Seriously though if you are going to do the crime you deserve to go to jail.
  • Bev Oda- what an idiot is all I can say. She doesn’t have the courage to deny KAIROS outright instead she does it in a sneaky underhanded way. She should resign and if she doesn’t Harper should fire her. But when does Harper ever do the right thing.
  • Today Phillip Owen apologized to Kim Rossmo for negative comments he made about Rossmo’s work on the Missing Women Case. It is about time that Kim Rossmo get the credit he deserves for the work he did.
  • Germs – I have left the best for last. The CBC did a study that found out that trays in food courts have as much bacteria as a toilet seat. Over the lunch hour there was a call in show about this issue. During this call in, listeners were regaled with everyone’s fears about not touching things that might have germs. It was rather all insane if you ask me. No one talked about the effects of not coming into contact with germs. We need to challenge our immune systems with germs. Totally scary!

2 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘what a great news day’ edition

  1. I’ve heard of a study, recently, that said that our kitchen counters have more bacteria than toilet seats, so one could assume that toilet seats are relatively safe! (Although, I wouldn’t want to eat off of one.)

  2. a little bit of germs are healthy, it helps to challenge the immune system and thereby to better safeguard our health.

    Marketplace did an episode recently on antibacteria-resistant samonella on chicken. Why feed chickens drugs when in the end we end up in hospital hoping to god that we will survive a simple UTI which is resistent to all drugs cos of the chicken we’ve eaten.

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