Beautiful Girl

Zoe is a great dog! She is a little weird at times. In the mornings she has to grab a toy. She then wants you to throw said toy a couple of times until she is done with you. Then it is naptime for her highness. The next time she comes to life is when it is food time. Zoe loves her food. She can’t wait for it to come. She starts to bark and doesn’t stop until food is delivered. Sometimes she is pretty damn sure that the service in this restaurant sucks.

Naughty girl sticking her tongue out!

For some reason, Zoe decided today that she had never seen the cat. So she started to bark at her and wouldn’t stop. She was making me c-r-a-z-y. Then when I started to ignore she started clawing at my leg so that I would give her attention. That dog is evil! Cute and evil!


2 thoughts on “Zoe

  1. Zoe
    This is unrelated but Arnie Coodin is retiring and I am frantic!!! He was the best. I got the phone call from his wife yesterday. Have you got an alternative?? … I live in White Rock but would bus into Victoria Drive because there is no other dentist like Arnie. His wife said he is probably the last dentist in the area to NOT have a hygienist

    What are we going to do!! Help!


    1. Breathe Barry!!! There is life after Dr. Coodin. I shared your concern about his retirement! I was devastated too. I found the Westcoast Dental Group. They have been fabulous. They also do work under oral sedation so you can go and have your root canal and not remember a thing. The hygienist I saw was fine. They were very respectful when I told them my rules i.e. you will not tap my teeth etc. Look them up and see if there is one in your area. The clinic where I am is fab!

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