• Traffic has been horrific the last 2 mornings. The only words to describe are shit and show. On Thursday it was a combination of snow[1] and a huge mother accident going eastbound. There were 3 fire trucks and assorted other police and ambulance vehicles. Once we got past the accident, which, was on the other side of the highway, traffic started moving again for about a minute. Then it was back to bumper-to-bumper. I ended up being ½ an hour late for my doctor’s appointment. This morning there was a truck being towed and it was slow to get by. Once I got past, the road opened up, oh, for about 5 minutes. I ended up being 15 minutes late for my massage. I am not used to sitting in traffic anymore. Going in after 10 am usually means I miss it. These last 2 days have been a grim reminder of what I used to go through when I worked different jobs and had to commute in rush hour.
  • We have doggie visitors. Sawyer is in heaven having someone his own size to play with. The two have a really good time again. Jessie, who is an old pittie, is happy under her blanket in a quiet area. Luckily we can offer that!
  • As a response to some things going on in my life, I have started to read Shakespeare’s Sister again. The main blogger, Melissa McEwen, does a fabulous job of keeping up the anti-oppression analysis on the major discourse. Personally, I find this to be invaluable when it comes to identifying issues I need to handle. I also find her posts on various topics like the rape culture, victim blame, fat oppression, misogyny, and feminism. If you have never read this blog I suggest you take a look. If you are a progressive person you will find a home. I find that reading this blog regularly helps me to self-assess any oppressive views I may have and learn how to be a great ally. It is very important work.

[1] The damn media didn’t do their job this time and convince all the idiots to stay off the roads. Instead they all got on to Highway 1 and freaked at the snow and slush. I am guessing they just all panicked at the sight of it.


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