I had planned to work from home today so already the day started off great. I got to sleep a little later and didn’t have to face the commute. Sawyer and Piper were playing hard and it was really funny. Sawyer was running so fast that when he rounded the corner his back legs went out from underneath him. The dogs always make me smile the first thing in the morning. Zoe is also very happy in the morning. She likes to greet me with a toy which I throw for her a few times and then she is done.

I love it when I have days when I have met my goals. Today my goal was to finish a report. I am happy to report that I met my goal. I actually used MS Word’s feature that blocks everything else out. I really liked it. The only thing I missed was a clock. I found it frustrating that I did not know what time it was. Otherwise I think I am going to be using this feature way more often. I used to think I was the ultimate multitasker and I can be for sure. However, I am finding now there are times I really need to focus in order to get something done.

I am also happy to report that it is 7:30 pm and I have not had an anxiety attack today. It has been months since I have had a full day without an attack. This makes me so happy. I actually did some time on the treadmill again today. I am having a lot of issues with lower back pain again. I think my colon is swollen again, which causes a lot of pinched nerves in my lower back. I am hoping that by getting on the treadmill occasionally I can build up some strength. We shall see. I also have oral thrush again. The thrush is probably a direct result of ulcerative colitis and stress. At least I have the medication on hand for it.

It has been a good day, one of the best in a very long time. I am off to play Angry Birds.


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