• It is February and it is winter in Vancouver. Apparently, with the wind-chill tonight it is going down to -17 degrees Celsius. Now, you would think that city planners know the weather is going to cold and there will be a need to help people keep warm on the streets. When the temperature dips below zero here it is a brutal because it is so damp. Factor in the wind that has been ravaging us and this is literally killing weather for people on our streets. The police have said they are not going to force people into shelters – that is big of them. So as the CBC was announcing that authorities were asking for people to donate warm clothing and blankets for the homeless. Perhaps we should read that again: The City of Vancouver wants donations of warm clothing for people living on the streets. What is wrong with this situation? Where to begin? It begins with the off-loading of responsibilities by the federal government to the provinces. The provinces, in turn, have off-loaded on to the municipalities. Now the municipalities are off-loading on to us – the lowly tax payer, who, ironically funds all the levels of government. What exactly is it that our taxes pay for if not to ensure there are adequate supplies for the homeless? All of the shelters should be stocked with these items. Police cruisers should have emergency supplies like blankets, hats, scarves etc. Why can we not do this as a country? I am so ashamed.
  • Today I decided to try to manage my anxiety without medication. I was successful. I did not have a full on attack as I used some cognitive management skills. However, as soon as I got home my right shoulder muscle went into spasm and is killing me. So, while I can manage in this situation without help, the bottom line is my anxiety is rooted in reality and I need the assistance medication offers – at least in the short-term. I am hopeful this stress level will reduce.
  • Today my defensive and slightly paranoid driving style paid off. I am almost always aware of who is where around me. So today when a Sutton real estate sign became airborne as a result of the winds we are having, I was able to maneuver out of its path. It most definitely would have taken out my windshield.

3 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘we ought to be ashamed’ edition

  1. It’s -18 here as I write this. I just learned that there is a shelter in Trail for the homeless for bad weather nights such as this one. I saw the sign at mental health yesterday. It’s the Sally Ann who run it and there are snacks provided. I’m glad there is something going on for people here.

    So glad you managed your anxiety without meds today! That’s great news! Keep up the good work!

  2. I worry most about the people with pets who aren’t allowed into the shelters. They really don’t have any option but to sleep outdoors, no matter how cold it is.

  3. Didn’t Gregor Robertson promise housing for the homeless and then build a bunch of bike lanes instead? Priorities are bizarre.
    Typical bureaucrat though.

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