This might be one of those TMI posts. So read at your own peril…


Life with a chronic illness is up and down, day by day. I am spiraling down right now. My colon is very swollen making it difficult to move around without lots of pain. It also presses on my bladder making it difficult to urinate. I’m also having bleeding issues again, which explains where all of my hemoglobins are going!

I am not sure what is going on but I have to say that it creates a vicious circle. I want to try to exercise a little bit to strengthen my hip muscles but because of the inflammation it really hurts. Plus any more than 2-3 minutes of walking makes my legs scream because they don’t get enough oxygen because my hemoglobin is too low. I am also feeling fatigued again.

I am hoping it is just all the stress I have been under. However, I fear that I am slipping down into ulcerative colitis hell again. God, I hope I am wrong.


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