• So apparently the wind is going to blow hard, very, very hard tomorrow. They are predicting 110 km/hr. Much higher than what took down the trees in Stanley Park down a couple of years ago. I worry about our trees given the big branch that blew down a couple of weeks ago.
  • I get this email from my mother. Apparently my sister is concerned because the Archie Digest subscription we got her for Christmas had not yet arrived and this was something to be concerned about. My sister, in her passive aggressive way, could not pick up the phone and call me or heaven forbid enter this century and send me an email. No, she has to bring it up to my mother. What a life-threatening problem! Omg! No Archie Digest!!!


Me and Sawyer
Velcro Chicken Boy


  • I blog usually while I am eating dinner. And this is how I do it. Now, if I thought for a minute that Sawyer was expressing his undying love and devotion to me, I would be touched. But I know he is not. He is eyeing the chicken on the other side of me and waiting for his share. It certainly makes blogging more difficult.
  • Do you all remember back in August when I was a victim of credit card fraud. The plan was they were going to send me an affidavit, I was going to sign it and send it back. After 3 weeks they were supposed to refund the charges. Well, this never happened. I started calling and leaving messages for my fraud investigator ‘Antony’ at extension 4332. Well Antony never answered his phone and he never returned any of my 5 messages. So finally I go through customer service to talk to a live person in security. I got to talk to ‘Nick’ on Monday and he assured me that the charges would be refunded immediately as they had ascertained that I had not made the purchases. He had no clue why it had taken so long for the charges to be refunded.
  • Oh how the mighty have fallen! I just saw a commercial Poise incontinence pads. Kind of brings a new meaning to Whoops!

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