Once upon a time, during my misspent youth, my best friend Joe and I went on a couple of long road trips. It was always my car, so it was generally my music that got played. It was actually Joe who christened me the ‘musical imperialist.’ When we drove long distances, I suggested he play one tape (Ok, it was the early 90s and I had an old car) and I would play one tape. The kicker here was that he wanted me to like what he was playing. I told him it didn’t matter if I liked it, he could just play it. Finally, he would give up because I hated everything he played. You have to wonder who was the real musical imperialist?!?

Anyway, I have a long history of imposing my music on other people. I am sure Deb will tell her story about how I tried to get her to like Ani Difranco to no avail. So, in the interests of continuing my long and sordid history of music imperialism, I thought I could use my blog to further my unholy mission. I have decided to make the ‘Musical Imperialist’ a somewhat irregular feature here at Dispatches from the Swamp. In the interests of learning about new music, I am going to open up the blog for guest posts for anyone who wants to profile some music they like.

Before I launch in and profile an artist or band I like, I thought I would discuss the type of music I like and what makes me like a song. Generally speaking I like folk or, as it is now called, singer-songwriter. I like artists who do not have perfect voices. I actually prefer a little edge. Artists like Celine Dion or anything over produced makes my ears bleed. I even go so far to like some artists who can’t really sing like Neil Young and Phil Ochs. I love music that says something. Love songs are great but I prefer a little dose of politics with my music.

In my next post in this series, I will pick an artist or band I like and talk about why it is that I like them. I will look at the albums they have put out and what, if anything, I know about the artist/band. Don’t forget about the offer! If you want to write a guest post let me know!




One thought on “The Musical Imperialist

  1. Ever listened to Dan Bern or Geoff Berner? They’d fit the category of singer/songwriter, though Bern’s not that political most of the time. I was hooked by one of Geoff Berner’s wacky tunes while on our honeymoon on Galiano. He was playing at the Hummingbird pub, where we were eating dinner. We couldn’t actually see him from the lower level where we sat, but hearing him belt out ‘Maginot Line’ while accompanying himself on accordion was hilarious. I wish I’d heard such a tune when I was studying WWII in high school history class. 🙂

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