We decided to leave the house today; neither of us has been feeling very well. Deb has had one of the worst migraines I have ever seen her have. Her eyes were so black from the pressure. I am sure it is from the weather, which has been positively diabolical over the last couple of days. I have had a virus that was affecting my voice and my chest. I woke up exhausted this morning and was planning to go nowhere. However, someone had to go out for greens for the pigs or it would have been a very long day. Guinea pigs without greens are crazy-making. I am sure Edith was busy plotting the revolution this morning.

We went to Save-On Foods and I am so glad we did! We got chicken legs with thighs attached for $1.49 a pound. They had pork side ribs for $1.29 a pound and pork tenderloin for $2.49! Major score!

Feeding dogs raw food is so much better for them. Not only is it nutritionally superior for the dogs but it also engages them more in their food. It takes more time to have to rip meat off of raw bones and then eat the bones than it does to suck back a bowl of kibble or wet commercial dog food. Our dogs enjoy superior health being raw fed. We have not seen a flea in years or any other kind of parasite.

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2 thoughts on “Raw Food for Dogs Score!!!!

  1. I feed raw also, it’s the best. I burst out laughing at the title fat people are hard to kidnap, was so dissapointed to not see a post, maybe you should make one up.

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