Oops! She is complaining about being alone all of the time. So I told her I would come and visit the weekend after next. Well, she just about had heart failure! She immediately started saying what a bad idea that would be, as she didn’t know how my sister would react! I told her it doesn’t really matter what my sister has to say about it. In fact, my sister, who believes that she does everything for my mother, should be overjoyed that someone is coming to take the pressure off. But no, she won’t be. My sister will be completely threatened by me coming to Calgary.

What is really scary is that my mother has given all of her power to my sister. What my mother fails to understand is if she maintains her independence, Kathy will behave better. Instead, my mother believes she is so reliant on Kathy that she scared to do anything that might upset her.

In less than an hour since the phone call, she has already called back to get the dates. Let the games begin!
Why are parental relationships so difficult?


3 thoughts on “I just rocked my mother’s world…

    1. Yes indeed! She is a piece of work. I will find out tonight when I call her if she is going to let me come! Looking forward to your visit!

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