My doctor actually called me in for a half hour ‘complicated care’ appointment. Apparently, because I was once an ‘insulin dependent’ diabetic when I was on prednisone along with my asthma makes me a ‘complicated case.’ They don’t even factor in my ulcerative colitis – which as my doctor says is very complicated. Anyway, she said the province tells her she has to do these appointments or she is ‘no better than a walk-in clinic.’

It turned out to be a great appointment. I mentioned an article I had seen about thyroid resistance. Basically, like insulin resistance, the cells are resistant to the thyroid hormone. She said she had never heard of that but she decided to do a bunch of tests testing for antibodies to my thyroid, and other thyroid levels. This is fabulous, as we need to try to figure out why I have no metabolism. I eat very little food, most definitely under 1500 calories a day and most days it less. Yet no matter what I do, I don’t lose weight. Plus my body temperature is always 3-4 degrees below normal.

We also addressed the edema I am dealing with. The scar I have from the pyoderma gangrenosum is still swelling, resulting in cellulitis. We also talked about how swollen my colon is and how frustrating I find it. She decided to change one of my medications for insulin resistance, which apparently causes swelling. The new drug she is putting me on also promotes weight loss, which means that maybe I will find some success so I can begin to exercise. I am so frustrated with the combination of low hemoglobin, chronic pain and swelling and my weight which makes it so difficult to do anything. The only down side of this medication is that I have to inject it. I am pretty sure I can handle it.

I am so excited that something may help. I really struggle with my weight issues because even with severe ulcerative colitis I still do not lose much weight. I have cut out almost all processed and junk food. I don’t eat candy or chocolate. Quite frankly, I am sick to death of the whole thing. The only time that happens is when I get super sick and end up in the hospital. We don’t want to do that again anytime soon! Hopefully, we will learn some new things with this round of tests.


One thought on “Doctor’s Visit

  1. Sometimes I marvel at how much modern medicine can accomplish, like when I think about my friends’ little boy, born by c-section at *26 weeks* gestation. His mama had life-threatening complications that could have killed both of them. After four months of excellent care at Children’s, he’s home & thriving. But there’s still so much medicine can’t explain or fix & it’s so frustrating to be in that position. I hope you can get some answers that will lead to a healthier, happier future for you.

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