• We had a great weekend. It was fun but a little tiring for me. The curry dinner was fabulous and we are still eating it today. The great thing about curry is that it gets better in the subsequent days.
  • Wandering Coyote has gone home. We had a great time and we are already looking forward to her next visit. I love how you can make new friends over the internet and then meet and get along well.
  • The dogs have been very sweet the last couple of days. Deb and I were buried under 2 dogs each for a while this afternoon. There is nothing like doggy love. It is pure, innocent and unconditional. It is not something they have to offer; it is something they do because they want to which makes it so very joyous.
  • We had to have the septic pumped today. The new drainage has been great. Normally we would have it pumped twice by now during the winter. I think it was a combination of the septic field flooding and a high level of solids in the tank that made it back up this time. At least no one has to dig it out the lid now, which makes it so much easier.
  • I have not been feeling very well over the last couple of weeks. My hemoglobin is tanked again which never makes me very happy. My doctor has also ordered a bunch of other tests, which means they took 7 vials of blood today. I had to fast as well so it sucked even more. There is a condition where you can be allergic to the thyroid hormone. Between my fatigue and inability to lose weight my doctor is wondering if this might be going on. Plus she is checking my vitamin b12 levels.

One thought on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘holy that is a lot of blood’ edition

  1. Ah, I was going to ask you about the septic situation! Glad it’s been resolved.

    That is a lot of blood, my friend. Like I said over the weekend, hearing about your health issues makes me feel like a wimp! I hope you get some answers from all that blood.

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