Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘spring has sprung, let the barking begin’ edition

  • Now that the weather is nicer the dogs want to be outside a lot of the time. However the neighbors leave their barking dog outside all the time and the mere presence of our dogs makes him bark constantly. Most of the time ours don’t even bother barking back but we can’t stand to listen to the other dog. As I have said many times before dogs are social creatures and need to be part of the pack.
  • Speaking of dogs…Sawyer’s toilet training has been ramped up and he is doing quite well now. Luckily for us he is easy to read. He has learned the appropriate command(s) and is able to respond easily. It is so hard to toilet train young dogs with incontinent digs in the house. We were able to train Piper and Sawyer is definitely on his way. It does seem the big dogs are far easier to train than the little ones.
  • My complaint to the BBB about the shoddy service I received at McDonald’s Flooring is wending its way through the process. We are now on the second salvo. Of course he is still being an asshole and trying to blame us for having water on the floor. Hopefully it goes to legal arbitration – that would make me very happy.
  • I woke up this morning with right leg/hip-joint/butt hurting so badly I could barely walk. I have no idea what happened. I could barely walk at first. Deb had to put on my socks and help me get dressed. It has been a very painful day to say the least! I have been applying heat all day as well as taking ibuprofen and Celebrex.


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