•    So the UN has declared a ‘no-fly’ zone over Libya. What the fuck does that mean? How does a no-fly zone translate into us being part of the US-led coalition ‘Operation Odyssey Down?’ I thought the whole point was to keep Ghadaffi from bombing his own people. Why on earth would we want to bomb the country and cripple what infrastructure there is in Libya. Besides, no matter how hard they try or how good the ‘on the ground intelligence’ is they will hit civilians. What makes it worse is that Canada has now sent our warplanes, which means we will also be bombing the shit out of Libya. What happened to our peacekeeping way of being in the world?
•    My fatigue has been of control all weekend. I have been sleeping until 2 in the afternoon. It is absolutely ridiculous. I am trying to figure out how the hell I am supposed to get through the week. I see the doctor on Wednesday, hopefully she will have some answers for me.
•    Our ducks are gone from our pond. It is probably not the most delightful place for ducks to be. I am sure that a lot of the grey water from the septic ends up in the drainage ponds!
•    I had to help my mom with one of her computers today. I have a Mac but I can log into a Windows virtual machine. I forget what a pain in the ass windows can be. I tried to launch windows live messenger but it wouldn’t let me because I had to download a newer copy. After I did that, the computer then needed to be restarted. When the computer finally came up it took several minutes to get control as it went through all the new windows that it wanted to open up as a result of the new installation. It was very frustrating to say the least. I am not sure how I used to survive in a Windows environment.


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