• I am so sick of all the election stuff. The leadership races in BC have several different candidates calling on almost a daily basis. We are not members of the BC Liberal party yet all of the candidates called us more than once. Now the NDP leadership candidates are calling and emailing everyday. Now, with yet another threat of a federal election the candidates are calling. It wouldn’t be so bad if there was an actual real person on the other end of the phone except there isn’t – they are mostly just recordings.
  • We had a very interesting presentation today from the BC Human Rights Coalition. I learned a great deal about how human rights work. Like for example the only rights we have are those that are enshrined in legislation. Another interesting factoid is that human rights do not extend to private spaces i.e. golf courses with male only rooms. Another great thing is that BC’s system is direct access and all claims are accepted. It was a great presentation and I would recommend that every work place contact them for a presentation.
  • Apparently WordPress was down today for some time. As a result, they opted to give all of us daily bloggers a pass for today. Well, I choose not to take the pass. I am hopeful that they are back up now so that I can post this blog. Apparently they have been having some server issues lately. I guess they are not solved yet.
  • And now for some fun news. All of the dogs are doing well. Deb has a new plan called ‘Operation 2nd fat Shihtzu.’ The goal is to get some weight on Clio. We have never been able to get any weight on her. She doesn’t eat a lot at any one time and if she eats food that is too rich she gets diarrhea. So the plan is several small meals per day of cooked food that is easy to eat. She will still get her raw although it may be more ground with bone. Part of her condition is difficulty breathing which might make it too hard for her to chew for any length of time. Hopefully this will help to get some weight on her because at this point if she were to get some kind of respiratory infection she really has nothing to fight with.

4 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘oh my god let the election begin already’

    1. What this means is that as long as someone alleges they have been discriminated against by someone/employer etc their claim will be accepted by the BC human rights commission. The federal commission, on the other hand, investigates the claims prior to accepting them. Apparently most BC human rights complaints can be dealt with in 3-4 months. If it goes to the tribunal then it can take 12-18 months. Does that make sense?

  1. It does help. I’m having trouble with “their claim will be accepted,” though. Automatically? Surely not.
    I’m thinking of the two lesbians who alleged discrimination at a standup comedy event at a restaurant in Vancouver, and their claim was thrown out. (Deservedly.) Don’t know if that was federal or provincial.
    Couldn’t someone could game the provincial system by filing a false claim?

    1. I guess I am not being clear. What I meant was that all claims that allege discrimination are accepted for adjudication prior to any investigation. It does not mean that the tribunal will give a positive outcome to every complaint. This is in contrast to the federal system where claims are investigated and a determination is made before the claim can come before the tribunal. In BC all claims can enter the process. Does that help?

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