I hate getting my haircut. I am not sure why but I resent having to find the time to go and do it. I put it off as long as I can. I like to have my hair cut short. Breaking in a new stylist is hell for me. I have a good one but she was not available today. The other thing I really hate is in engaging in the discussion that happens when your hair is being cut. I seem to have a talent for finding hair stylists who manage to offend me in some way or another. Here are a few examples from just one salon:

1.     My regular stylist – all was going well until she told me she bred her pug and wanted to know if I wanted a puppy because she knows I am a dog lover. The woman has scissors to my hair so I really didn’t think it was appropriate to lecture her about breeding dogs and adding to the numbers of unwanted dogs in the world etc. Instead I tried to give her information to make sure that her dog and puppies were healthy. I also talked about the mammary cancer statistic and encouraged her to get the dog spayed.

2.     The stylist I had today decided it was important to tell me that she couldn’t drive as she lost her license. Guess why she lost her license? Driving under the influence of course. She then went on to tell me how her lawyer could have gotten her off but the laws had just changed. She then told me about her accident. Luckily she only killed a meridian and not a person. Then she was complaining about how she could have gotten her license back but she has to take a course and it will cost her $1000. She did assure me she learned her lesson.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or do you just ignore what your stylist has to say? How can I find one whose values might be in sync with mine? Or I am just being too picky?


8 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. I find it easier to just go to new ones often and avoid getting to know them. I don’t get my hair cut often, so just go when I remember and make small talk with new ones…I sometimes bring a book, that works well!

  2. I’ve been going to my stylist for about 12 years. I make appointments with him, not any other stylist in the salon. I have stayed with him whenever he has changed salons. He knows me well enough that we can chat about things we are both interested in.

    I hope the drunk-driving substitute stylist at least gave you a good haircut! She might have driven me nuts.

  3. The two stylists I’ve been to in the past few years are both awesome on the conversation front. One of them is my cousin & I bet you two would get along well, actually. He’s queer, progressive, intelligent & kind. In fact, you may have met him when he lived with us for a few months back in LTHC. He cuts hair at his apartment. If you’re interested, I’ll pass his contact info on to you.

  4. Well, at least she wasn’t drunk when she was cutting your hair. 😛

    I’m not big on talking to hair stylists as well I find it frustrating and mundane, and would rather stay in a meditative state of peace as I’m going through this process. This is one of the reasons my hair is long, I can put off this process for a long time before I must go back. It especally bugs me if they go on and on about something stupid like politics etc. I haven’t found that blissfully quite hairstylist yet.

  5. I was in a friend’s wedding back in 2004 and as the sylist started to do my hair, she went on a rant about what a great man George W. Bush is. I was fuming and wanted to start screaming at her, but all I could think is “I need to have nice hair for the wedding!”

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