Former MP John Cummins has confirmed he is seeking the leadership of the BC Conservative party. Any publicity and hopefully votes that go to the BC Conservative party will come at the expense of the BC Liberals. Hopefully this means that the right of centre vote in BC will be split which can only help the NDP. All I have to say is go John!

Since the Golden Ears Bridge went in we have used it fairly regularly. Well today we found out just how regularly. Deb had to get a new license plate about a year ago and we did not know that she had a new account. When we finally called to try to sort out the $500 bill we had received we found out just how much Deb goes over the bridge! I feel so bad for the people in Surrey who will have to pay tolls each day on the new Port Mann bridge once it is finished. This bridge is the only way for them to get out (unless they want to go the other way and pay the Golden Ears bridge toll which is longer anyway) of Surrey. It is certainly going to hit people hard!


3 thoughts on “Great News for the NDP & Bridge Tolls

  1. So, not living in the Lower Mainland, I am confused. Does this mean that once the tolls are on the Port Mann bridge, I cannot get to Vancouver (using the Freeway) without paying tolls? That doesn’t seem right.

    1. Sadly, yes, it is correct. You will have to pay a toll to go over the Port Mann bridge once the new one is in.

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