I love Grey’s Anatomy but I have a complaint. I am wondering why they always seem to pick on the lesbians. Since Callie came out as bi, the writers have constantly messed around with her partners. First there was the other doctor (I can’t remember her name) but they sent her away just as she started to become human. Then when Callie hooked up with Arizona, things are going well and the baby thing comes up to drive a wedge between them. Then Arizona goes to Africa and doesn’t really want Callie to come. Then Arizona comes back. Callie is pregnant and they are going to get married. So now, there is a tragic accident. Thankfully she didn’t die.


But seriously why are they messing with the lesbians so much? Have they run out of heterosexual story lines? I for one would really appreciate it if they would just let Arizona and Callie be happy for a while. I’m just asking for a couple of episodes. I know I am not going to get my wish as now, no doubt, the baby will be touch and go.


It seems like we have not come very far with regard to lesbians on tv. In the past, if there was a lesbian either they ended up with the man or their lives did not work out. It would seem that those story lines are still happening. Is it too much to hope that we can have positive lesbian stories on tv?

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