Ok, I am done. I have had enough rain. The last 2 days it has been like a monsoon here in lotus land. I get that we live in a rain forest but in all seriousness this has been the winter from freaking hell. It is so bad it is threatening to eat up spring too. This weather is closer to January than it is to April. At least it is not snowing where I am.

I think it is important to remember all the people for whom shelter is a real challenge. I complain about the rain and all I have to do in it is to walk to and from my car. I have proper footwear and warm coats if I want to wear them. Lots of people are not as fortunate as many of us. Winter is not over yet and the need is high.




One thought on “Weather Rant

  1. Yeah, next time I’m whining in my head about the weather as I wait at a bus stop–in my waterproof jacket, dry wool-blend socks, shoes without holes in the sole, & with my umbrella–I’ll remind myself that I ain’t got it so bad. However, just because there’s someone worse off than me doesn’t make it much less sucky to have chilly wet weather like this every freakin’ day. 😛

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