I got some extra sleep last night. The power flickered and knocked the clock out so my alarm didn’t go off. Good for me, not so great for getting to work on time. I am still seriously fatigued though. It is really hard to explain fatigue. It is not the same as being tired or being exhausted. To me, fatigue feels like I am trying to move through concrete. After a colitis attack, like I had yesterday, I am not only fatigued but I am also in pain. My hips and pelvis hurt and my colon aches from the after effects of the spasms that grip me. There are days that living with ulcerative colitis is more than I can bear. I dig deep, really, really deep on these days.

My gastro doc’s office called and told me to get blood work done monthly now. I have to say it threw me for a loop. I have been known to completely ignore my body and end up in the hospital. I have found that the weekly blood work keeps me engaged with what is going on. Considering the last time I was on Imuran, it almost killed me and I didn’t notice. I think I will talk to my GP about getting a standing order to have it done maybe not weekly but when I feel off. I am prone to odd side effects and things just spinning out control quickly. I am pretty sure she will give me the order.

I do not do it alone. I have a lot of support from loving wife, Deb. I do not know what I do without her. She is my best friend, my biggest supporter and cheerleader and the best spouse anyone could have. She is always willing to tackle things head on and grow. Unlike a lot of couples that grow apart and do different things we manage to grow together. I am more in love with her today than I was yesterday – it just keeps getting better. Angelina makes my life easier by getting up to let the dogs out all the time and other things as well. Plus I have great friends. In fact, it was a telephone call from one of my new friends Wandering Coyote that really cheered me up tonight. Thanks WC!

It has been a really busy week for both Deb and me. We are going to take the weekend to crash and burn. We plan to get lots of sleep and eat good, healthy food and relax. I will blog though as I am still posting daily for 2011. I haven’t missed a day yet!


4 thoughts on “A little better today…

    1. There was one day that a post got eaten by WordPress. It registered in facebook and then, at some point, it disappeared from my blog. I reposted it.

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