• Where we live there is no garbage pickup. This means that Deb has the dubious task of loading up all the garbage into the back of her truck and trekking it to the dump. Once there we get to pay for disposing of our garbage. In a way this means we recycle more but, nonetheless, the garbage piles up. I am just grateful that I don’t have to bag and load it.
  • So, what would a ‘Dispatches from the Swamp’ edition be without some references to the dogs. So here they are, in no particular order:

o   Molly – is seriously the ‘freak of the week.’ The dog is a total spaz. It is so easy to get her going. She starts to spin and bark and do her stretches. She is always good for a laugh.

o   Piper – Piper sleeps harder and more than any dog I know. She can literally be back to sleep in less than 10 seconds after being disturbed. The other day Deb carried her down the stairs so she could go pee and she fell asleep in her arms. She is a sloth who can hold her bladder for 14+ hours.

o   Sawyer – is blossoming. He is such a nice boy. The toilet-training boot camp is paying off. We need to keep it up for another year or so and the boy will be solid, just like the pug. It is difficult to train a little dog and it is almost impossible to do it in a house with 2 incontinent little dogs.

o   Kiefer – is doing well. He loves the sound of his own voice. He is quite happy that the nicer weather is here. He loves to lay outside where it is cool.

o   Zoe – Angelina just shaved her and she is so happy. That dog really hates having any amount of hair on her body. I think she is just really uncomfortable. She is so much more interactive when she has been shaved. She is very funny and she is one very, very happy dog!

o   Clio – is still hanging on. She has a serious heart murmur and she is at the maximum dose of Lasix right now to keep the water off of her lungs. She probably only has about 6 months until she has some sort of crisis that takes her. Right now we are still trying to fatten that little dog up. She is not so interested in raw food as she once was – I think it is too difficult for her to eat it and she doesn’t really smell all that well. She gets a lot of cooked eggs and cooked meat now.

  • One of the good things about living where we do is that it is pretty easy to do errands. We have everything we need very close by and we don’t really have a whole lot of traffic to contend with here in the sticks.
  • I still feel like I have been hit with a bus. I am not sure what is going on but I hope it goes away soon!

****For some reason my sub-bullets are the prominent bullets and the regular bullets are the sub-bullets. I hate bullets.

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