Today has been a great crash and burn day. I slept in late. I sat with heating pads again to help deal with my ongoing chronic pain issues. I use heat everyday on my lower back. However, I rarely use it on my neck and shoulders, which is where I carry all of my stress. I really need to do that more often.

The funniest thing that has happened is that Deb has now become addicted to Angry Birds. She too wants to hunt down and eviscerate any green pigs she sees. She totally didn’t get it when I became addicted to AB. Oh and there have been some other noteworthy conversions as well. Deb now eats eggplant. She used to go on and on every time I grilled eggplant. Now, she loves it. Then there was paneer. Deb thought that paneer and tofu was the same thing. In fact, in her head, they were. They were both white substances and ergo paneer was tofu. Now, all she wants is paneer in butter chicken sauce!

We are having grilled veggies for dinner tonight – with a little chicken on the side for the carnivores. However, the ratio of chicken to vegetables is very small. I seem to be losing my taste for meat again which is not a good thing for my hemoglobin!


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