Some days there is nothing to blog about and other days there are so many topics swirling around my head I have no idea where to start. Today is one of those days. I could blog about the 11-year old boy who Prince George RCMP tasered. I could also blog about a little ally work I did today.[1] Or I could blog about the topic that his gripped us all here at the Swamp for the past 2 weeks. Knowing me, I may end up blogging about all three!

First up – Deb has had an ongoing saga with her driver’s license since our doctor pulled it a couple of months ago. We determined that the problem was a medication issue. She went off that medication and things got better. She went for testing at a special program and passed everything including a road test. We thought all was fine.

At the beginning of January we received a letter telling her that she had to go for an ICBC road test and to expect another letter in 30 days telling her how to book it etc. Immediately, she went up and took her stuff from the other program.[2] We then heard nothing more and thought that the issue was resolved. Or so we thought. We received another letter at the end of March advising her that her license would be cancelled if she did not immediately book a road test. We went up again and luckily we had one of those civil servants[3] who really helped us. She advocated with the Solicitor General that it was not surprising that we didn’t get a letter because se had one of those boxes that get broken into all the time. We went with it.

So Deb went for her road test about 10 days ago. Sadly, she did not pass. Basically, she was told, she was a good driver with bad habits.[4] At this point, they took her license and she had a yellow sheet of paper that only allowed her to drive with a supervisor. We spent the last week and a half with me trying to help her and improve some skills. After her second bout of optic neuritis, she stopped partially setting up for a right-hand turn before she stopped. There were some other things we worked on too. The miracle here is that we didn’t end up getting divorced.

We went up this morning for her road test. Initially she was relieved because she didn’t get the same examiner. Imagine my surprise when they return 5 minutes later. Basically the examiner couldn’t stand the dog smell in Deb’s truck so we had to go back home and get my car. All of this, of course, just increased Deb’s anxiety levels. Thankfully though she passed!!! We hope this brings an end to the driver’s license saga of 2010/2011!



[1] Check back tomorrow for this one!

[2] The same program the province uses to

[3] There are 2 kinds of civil servants – those who go out of their way to help you and those who go out of their way not to help you.

[4] Has anyone out there ever heard of doing a right shoulder check when turning right??


3 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘what to blog about’ edition

  1. I was told, when i failed my first road test that every time I turn on my turn signal, I should shoulder check. Glad Deb got her license back, that must be a huge relief to her. Is there a chance this could happen again?

  2. Yeh Deb, it sounds like that would freak me out as well. I’m so glad she got it the second time. I think that some of those driving instructors fail people so that they can pay more than once to pass the test.

  3. Yes, right shoulder checks are necessary (especially to check for bicyclists racing down the shoulder of the road).

    After driving for 46 years, I dread the day when they tell me I have to take another road test.

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