• Our phone here at the swamp has been ringing off the hook. I think the sheer volume of calls actually managed to kill one of our phones. Why are we so popular you might ask? Well that would be the BC NDP leadership race. Last summer a very nice NDP volunteer came to visit and we all joined the provincial NDP. I have always been very political but I have never actually joined a party. I figured it was finally time to support the party I have voted for in elections for most of my adult life. I was also very much in favour of Carole James[1] stepping down and renewal in the BC NDP. Today after about the 10th call, I actually got a human to talk to and not some disembodied voice. He was very helpful. He explained the voting system to me and told me the best information yet! He said that as soon as we all vote the calls will stop. Two of us have now voted and I just need to get Deb to vote too when she gets home and hopefully we will have peace and quiet again!
  • Most of the dogs are really sick of the rain. Zoe, for example, will go to the door, see that it is raining and then turn on her little Shihtzu heels and walk away.[2] Sawyer is another one who hates the rain. Although with him it is hard to tell what he hates more: the rain or the cold. At night, he sleeps under the duvet preferably suction cupped to one of us. Kiefer on the other hand doesn’t care. I don’t think he even notices wet and cold weather. He goes out and lays down in the pouring rain or snow. The heat, however, is really hard on him.
  • Speaking of dogs, I am sitting here blogging and trying to eat my dinner. I am having chicken tacos for the first time in a while and I am really enjoying them. However, I have Zoe demanding my food. She is growling at me, barking and clawing my leg. I think she is so excited because we have been eating a lot of vegetables lately, which don’t interest her. She is making sure she is getting her fair share today![3] Life is never boring here at the Swamp!

[1] You can see my previous posts about Carole James here, here, here and here.

[2] Shihtzus have a unique way of doing this, as most Shihtzu owners will attest. There is nothing like a stubborn Shihtzu – especially when it comes to getting their feet wet!

[3] Zoe can be rather single-minded in her approach to food. Normally she is quiet and sleepy but when she wants food she is unstoppable.


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