• My vacation has been mostly successful this week. With the exception of an emergency on Monday everything has been quiet. I have also managed to not leave the house from Saturday until today. I have slept as long as I have wanted to everyday but today (more on that below). I actually managed to clean my office out a bit today which was on the agenda. I still have a couple of days to go to be rested by next week.
  • I hate our neighbours. They let their dog bark like crazy at pretty much any time of the day or night. He woke me up this morning with about 20 minutes of non-stop barking. I will however laugh my ass off during mosquito season – our drainage pond is very close to their swimming pool. I hope the wind blows east all summer!
  • It has been awesome being home this week. The dogs really like having someone home. Piper has been my faithful, loyal companion all week. She sleeps until I get up at which point she demands belly rubs; long, slow and thorough belly rubs!
  • The conversation I had with my mother last night was the last in a series that has been going on for the last week.  She sent me an email last night apologizing and indicating that it had something to do with her smoking. Today she tells me she had been going cold turkey in between visits by my sister who would give her cigarettes when she visited. I told her she needs to stay on the patch and that going cold turkey is not really a good idea.

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