I have to say that I have found television very frustrating this year. There seem to be many repeats and it is very difficult to predict when the shows you like will be on. Even during ‘sweeps’ months,[1] it didn’t seem to me like the any of the shows went all out to attract viewers. All that being said, some of the shows that have been on have been fabulous! Here is my list of favourites and why:

  1. Survivor – I think this is the best season of Survivor ever. I groaned too when they brought back Russell and Boston Rob to play again. However, it quickly became apparent that while Rob had learned from his several times playing the game, Russell had not. Busting out his old and tired strategy, Russell’s tribe actually threw a competition so they could get rid of him. Meanwhile, over at the other beach, Rob had solidified control early on. This season Jeff Probst is blogging after each episode giving people his view on things are going down. Probst loves Phillip and Rob. Phillips is great, in his view, as he really makes the game interesting and he ‘gives a good interview.’ He praises Rob’s use of strategy and how the tribe follows along. What really amazed me after the merge, Rob still had complete control over his tribe including making sure they were always buddied up with another tribe member and even saying when they were allowed to eat!
  2. American Idol – I was not very enthusiastic about Idol this year. I had come to like Simon Cowell’s pithy and sarcastic remarks. However, this year has been fabulous. The judges are starting to mesh. I really like Steven Tyler, he doesn’t bring a whole lot of substance to the table but he can sing and he knows what he likes. Randy Jackson is still giving his typical ‘pitchy’ remarks but he has broadened his repertoire a bit. Jennifer Lopez I thought would have brought more critique that is real then she has. It seems like they are all taking their cues from Randy Jackson. The contestants though have been fabulous. Any one of them could be a winner and have a great career.
  3. The Chicago Code – is the new show starring Jennifer Beals as the Superintendent of the Chicago police department. The show is strong and I love how it is portraying the city for what it is known for – corruption. It has been necessary to suspend a lot of disbelief at times though. She seems to do active police work when really her job would be highly administrative. Still the stories are compelling and interesting and the cast is strong.
  4. Dancing with the Stars – I love this show! It is cheesy and silly but for some reason I really enjoy it. I have watched enough seasons now to know what the dances should look like. I have my favourite pros and I usually root for one of the has-been stars. This season has been quite good as there are not any clear front-runners yet but I am hoping that Kirstie Alley goes all the way.
  5. Body of Proof – this new show starring Dana Delaney felt quite stiff through the first couple of episodes. They seem to be allowing the main character (played by Delaney) some room to move and not be a flat, two-dimensional, driven medical examiner. If the writers continue to develop all of the characters, it should be a good show.
  6. Celebrity Apprentice – I know I probably shouldn’t even admit that I like this show on my blog but I can’t help myself. I seem to like shows that give has-beens another chance to jump-start their careers. It has been fascinating watching Gary Busey self-destruct and Meatloaf almost blow up. As an aside, I love how the contestants call him ‘Meat.’

What about you? What shows are you watching and why?

[1] November, February and May.


One thought on “Watching TV – Some shows I have been enjoying

  1. I am enjoying Survivor and I loved how last episode they voted off the only person who knew where Phillip’s shorts are buried. I laughed so hard at that!

    I also watch Chicago Code and LOVE it. There isn’t a new episode until May 2, though…

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