I have been watching a whole bunch of other shows on Apple TV. I still have the first generation Apple TV – you know the one with a hard drive. Some of the shows I get on Apple TV are available on the regular networks but we end up with a problem when we try to record too many shows at a time. Here is the Apple TV list:

  1. Breakout Kings – I think this show is on A & E but I am not sure. The premise of the show is silly. Basically a desk-jockey US Marshall and another US Marshall, who is in a half-way house, get to put together a group of inmates who will help them catch escaped fugitives. If they catch the fugitive then they get a month off of their sentences. While they are working on the team they are transferred to a minimum-security prison. The one catch is that if any one of them tries to escape while out on a case then they all go back to their maximum-security prison digs. So once you suspend disbelief the show itself is pretty good. My favourite episode so far is when they used an old Prison Break character, T-Bag, as an escapee. It was a great episode!
  2. Dragon’s Den – I have never watched this show on CBC. I decided to watch it after seeing an episode of the Shark Tank. I enjoyed seeing all of the dumb ideas people can come up with. The one thing that really got on my nerves though was how they all treated Arlene Dickson the only female ‘Dragon.’ Kevin O’Leary is by far the worst of the misogynists. However, every single one of the other Dragons has also said horribly misogynistic things to Arlene. Even the people pitching their
  3. The Good Wife – I was watching this on TV but then Deb decided to watch it so I downloaded the first and most of the second season on the Apple TV. I love this show. The character development in this show is phenomenal. If you haven’t checked this show out I highly recommend it!
  4. The Killing – this is a new show from AMC. The premise is that there is a murder and it will take the whole season to solve the murder. It is early in the season but so far the character development is awesome and it will only get better as the show unfolds.

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