I have a 5-hour dental appointment today. I will be sedated, so I will likely not be able to blog later. Some new developments on the medical front – I only have to have go for blood work once a month now!!! My GP is also referring me to an endocrinologist. There is something seriously wrong with my metabolism. I initially lost 17 pounds when I started Victoza. Within 2 weeks now, I have gained back 10 pounds. It really does not make sense unless somehow I metabolize calories from breathing. This weight gain has been achieved on a diet of about 12-1400 calories per day on the good days. I eat no junk food, and very little processed food. My diet is largely centred on whole foods, not a lot of carbs and lots of veggies. I am also eating less meat. So it really defies explanation. We shall see what the next round of blood work shows.

We are leaving here in a minute. So it is off to la la land for me which is a good thing as I only slept for 6 hours.


One thought on “Not much today

  1. One thing I have found is that, if you’re caloric intake is too low, that your body can go into shock and stop losing (and possibly even gain). When I tried to eat 1200 calories a day, I lost wonderfully for about 1 week, then my body refused to lose any more weight. It wasn’t until I went up to 1700-1900 calories a day that I actually started losing. Not saying that IS the case, but just be cautious of it. There are sites that you can go to, that help you figure out how many calories you should be eating a day for your weight and exercise level, let me know if you want me to send you a link.

    On the dental front…YUCK…good luck! Not a fan of dentists myself.

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