So our neighbours, the ones I always complain about, had a party last night. The music was thumping until at least 2 am. Their obnoxious dog was barking for much of the night. And the woman who lives there was yelling in her very shrill voice, which could probably break glass. Plus a whack of their guests parked in front of our house on the grass. Seriously, they should be nominated for worst neighbour of the year!

I am really tired today. I think the combination of the dental work on Friday and all the errands yesterday caught up with me today. I woke up with a killer headache too. I have not had one in a long time and I forgot how horrible it feels. Finally after some medication and some heat on my neck and shoulders the headache went away. As I only have today off, I wanted to make the most of the weekend.


5 thoughts on “Our ‘lovely’ neighbours

  1. Would be so much better if they could control that dog. They seem to blame your dogs and it just goes on and on.

  2. After I yelled “Diesel, shut the fuck up!!” several times after 1:30 A.M., louder and louder every time, the party wound down and they took their poor dog inside. I feel so badly for him, none of his is his fault, T and T are just fucking inconsiderate jerk assholes. That house attracts bastard neighbors from hell.

  3. In our area, people put big boulders along the edge of the road so no one can drive (or park) on their grass.

  4. I’m getting picket fencing tomorrow. I like the idea of boulders, too, but not for the use you are referring to. 🙂

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