I am so happy to be home. Calgary was so dry. Even though a lot of snow fell in Calgary over the winter it is still really, really dry. I can’t stand the dryness there. Because there is so little water it means that trees and other plants are quite small in comparison to here. None of the leaves were out on trees there either.

Spring has been very slow in coming here. I think we are at least a month behind. The cherry blossoms just came out in Maple Ridge. Usually by May, it is warm enough that we need to use an air conditioner at night. I really hope this doesn’t mean we are going to have a really hot and short summer!

I slept so well last well night. I really miss sleeping with the dogs when we don’t have them. All of us sleep together in a big mass. It is very comforting to sleep with the dogs.

Being home brings me back to my world; the world where I feel comfortable physically and emotionally. Even though my sister behaved and my mother was not directly insulting, it was still emotionally draining. It was a difficult trip nonetheless. Now it is time to crash and burn!

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