• Seriously, I have a wish. I wish that I could immediately send people to driver rehabilitation by just pointing my finger. Today was a banner day on our roads people. I watched 2 trucks occupy both lanes on the #1. There was maybe a difference of 2 or 3 km per hour, which meant it was interminably, slow to get past the slowest truck. By the time another truck got by, he was so impatient that he almost took out a car making a lane change. I think they both forgot the incontrovertible law that 2 masses cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Then there was the asshole who cut me off, just before 1st avenue where they have to yield and only 1 in 100 actually do it.
    • I can’t believe how late the cherry blossoms are this year. Usually this is what our driveway looks like in April. We get to walk on a lovely carpet of cherry blossoms!
Cherry Blossoms
A shot of the trees
  • Jack Layton said something quite funny today on CBC’s ‘As it Happens.’ He seems to be charging the women, who were elected for the NDP, to make the House of Commons more civil. I really cannot stand that kind of stereotyping. I am not sure if he thinks it will be more civil because the elected men folk won’t use such bad language and swing insults or he thinks women are not capable of insulting others. Either way, it’s an insult to women. Just like men, women can be insulting and use bad language. It is really up to individuals to behave more civilly rather than putting the onus on one gender.
  • Jack Layton said something I liked. He was asked about how he managed the campaign with so much energy given that he is recovering from cancer and a broken hip. He said that he drew inspiration from all the Canadians who are working with chronic diseases. I really liked that acknowledgement because it is not easy to get up and do it every day when you need a nap after your shower. There are days when it takes everything I have to go to work. My ulcerative colitis and Deb’s MS really knock us out.
  • Why does the cat get mats when we go away? It never fails. She gets to stay home with someone she knows so I really don’t get it. She hates when I remove her mats. It is a serious negotiation. She tried to bite me tonight too.

One thought on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘I have a wish edition’

  1. Fucking women are so much more fucking civil and polite and all that bullshit. I’m way fucking more polite and demure than any mouth-breathing man, and if you try to tell me any different, I’ll pop you in the kisser.

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