• First up, John Baird is Minister of Foreign Affairs. This means that he will now be able to insult people all over the world. Yay! Hasn’t he done enough damage as Minister of Immigration oops! Jason Kenney was and I think remains as Minister of Immigration? My only hope is that his international counterparts will impress upon him our obligations to accept refugees.
  • What can we say about Dorothy Parvaz? She is the Al-Jeezera reporter who had the bright idea of trying to go into Syria with an expired Iranian passport. She sounds shocked about what she heard and saw in Syria – particularly hearing people being tortured. She complains about being handcuffed and blindfolded. What the fuck did she think would happen? What is further confounding is the media don’t seem to be saying how bad of an idea it was to go to Syria on an expired Iranian passport.
  • And what rant day here would be complete without a driving rant. I think about 10% of the people who drive have no idea what those funny lines on the road are for. At least 3 times a drive for the last several weeks, I have been contending with people in my lane. It is really annoying the hell out of me to say the least.

One thought on “It’s a Ranty Kind of Day

  1. John Baird was Treasury Board President and House Leader. He was mostly insulting other MPs. Definitely a weird choice for Foreign Affairs. Curiously, though, he voted in favour of Bill C-389.

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